Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boys have P.... Girls have a V.........!

If you saw Kingergarten Cop then you are laughing because you know the line in the movie that is repeated more than once. Well I did not think that I was going to have to have this conversation until the "safari" was a little older.

The "safari" minus Hannah is potty training. They are doing fantastic and each of them have their own style. Elijah likes to do a potty dance, Joshua just wants to pee and be done, Jacob likes to put his butt as close to the water in the toilet as possible. Esther just wants to stand up and pee. The boys are trying to learn to stand and pee and Esther feels that she should be allowed too.

We had the discussion that boys can stand and pee but that girls have to sit and pee. That girls are special and get to use toilet paper every time that they go potty. Well Esther took that information and looked at me and made this comment. "Mommy but I can stand and pee!" Like even though most girls sit and pee, that she could master standing and peeing. So I had to pull the anatomy lesson out a little earlier than I had hoped. I had to stand Jacob and Esther next to each other and show that they were different.

So when Noel came home the boys decided to tell him "daddy, we are boys and we have penises." Poor Noel did not have a clue what he was suppose to say. The good thing is that my explanation with Esther seemed to work. She now does not fight with me about sitting on the toilet when she goes to the potty.

Please leave a comment and tell me what your favorite moment in potty training for you.


Marti said...

This post really hit home. I'd say... give Esther a little more credit. ;) I remember when I was a kid, my brother used to charge his little friends a quarter to watch his little sister pee.... standing up. We had our own little innocent neighborhood freak show going on. I think I was around 4 y.o. My brother was 5.

It was pretty lucrative and fun... till Mom found out. HA!

Trish said...

It is so much fun having toddlers because they are so open about everything. When the kids were here, the boys went to the bathroom outside and so Esther wanted to. I just told her it was very difficult. If you are a mom you know how you hold your daughters go to pee outside. I did that for Esther and she then just wanted to come in to pee. Life is so much fun and joy with small ones. Hope you have a good time at the lake. Love Mom

denisemayen said...

I just found your blog today and thoroughly enjoyed hearing what we have to look forward to in terms of toddler anatomy lessons. Thanks for sharing this story and making me laugh. :)