Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homeschooling Convention

As most of you know, Noel and I have been praying about what we should do with our children's' education. Should we trust them in the public school system or should we homeschool. Each family has to make that decision and I do not want to make it seem that if you decide not to homeschool that you are a horrible parent; that is not the case. Not everyone can or wants to homeschool and it is an individual decision with each family.

Noel and I have been leaning towards homeschooling for several reasons, based on our children's learning to this age, political, religious, and character reasons. Now if you would like me to go into detail then I do not have any problems explaining why we are leaning in that direction. But this blog is not for that.

I talked to Noel and decided to try to go to a homeschool convention to see what is out there and where we want to go. I found a convention in Arlington that seemed to have numerous vendors, and numerous seminars that you could take. I called my mother and she stated that she would go with me. Katherine was suppose to go with us but God decided that she was going to have her baby early, so she was not able to travel with us.

Noel booked us that hotel and we sent in our registration; it was $5 for both days and then there was parking. Mom and I went up on Friday afternoon and spent the entire day on Saturday at the convention. We saw more curriculum then I thought I would ever see. It was information overload, but I think that I found the curriculum that I want to use for Kindergarten and then we will go from there. Also I found that there is a homeschooling channel that is free on the Internet. Also I found some chore charts that will great for our "safari", it is called Accountable Kids.

I am looking forward to going to the convention next year. The good thing is that this convention already has the dates for the next two years. If you are thinking about homeschooling I recommend that you go to a homeschooling convention so that you can learn what you can legally do and what homeschooling means for your family.

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