Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cookie Monster vs. Chunk

Every time that I see my son, Joshua, eat I am reminded of the Cookie Monster. They have the same manners. Eat as much as you can in a short period of time. Joshua loves to eat and as you can see in the picture his food is never enough. You see we were eating lunch and Joshua finished his food and decided that he wanted every ones food. He climbed out of his seat and stood in the middle of the table. After being caught he decided that if he was not allowed to stand he knew that he had to sit. Sitting on the table is acceptable to him. Joshua continued to eat off every ones plate because he was now in arm's reach of the plates that he had been eyeing. Usually he waits for Noel and I to give him more food or some of the food off his brothers/sister's plate.

So if Cookie Monster and Chunk had a battle I would have to say that Chunk would win, because Cookie Monster is limited to Cookie and an occasional Veggie/fruit when forced to. As for Chunk he will eat anything and does not mind if he has to wait but if he sees it he wants it. So the winner is: CHUNK!!


cheryl said...

I love how they all have broccoli left on their plates! ;o) Ahhh...isn't that the way it always is?

gwyneth said...

I know the look you got there. "what? I'm not supposed to be doing this? Oh yeah, don't stand on the table. Gotcha. I can sit."
its a rough thing because on one hand, the kid is trying to obey, after all, you never said "don't seat yourself in the middle of the table and take your siblings food", and on the other hand, you want to laugh, so it is hard to keep your face straight enough to explain that its a more complicated issue than just standing on the table.
I think that you hit the perfect balance by deciding to take a picture :)