Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Video

Noel and I have been trying to get Hannah's cooing on video. She is great and loves to coo but as soon as the video camera comes out she stops. So we finally got it on video tape. You get a little of everything. You get Hannah sneezing, cooing and working herself to the point of crying.

Noel and I have really enjoyed being able to enjoy Hannah like we did Elijah. I felt that with the triplets that we did not have time to really watch them because there were three of them and it took so much more effort and time to do the simple things, change diapers, feed, change clothes, bathe and sleep. That when we got any time with the kids being quiet or sleeping that we took full advantage of it by sleeping ourselves.

So even though we have five children in toddler and below we are grateful for being able to enjoy an infant one more time until we are grandparents. So enjoy our video of Hannah.


Cheng family said...

Her sneezes at the beginning are my favorite part. She is adorable!

cheryl said...

So cute. I love baby noises. ;o)
She's pretty good at that high little squeal sound too!
Glad you were able to catch it on tape.