Monday, October 13, 2008

The Scream Heard Around the Block!

Today the kids and I were getting ready to go to playgroup at the Tripp's house. I had only one more pair of shoes to put on and then load them in the van. As I was putting on Jacob's shoes I heard a scream come out of my daughter that I had never heard before. I ran to see what was going on and found her ring finger on her right hand in the storm door as Elijah and Joshua are closing the door.

I pull her finger out of the door jamb and she begins to scream louder. I call Noel and explain to him that I need him to come home NOW so that I can take Esther to the pediatrician's office to see if she had broken her finger. I give Esther some MOTRIN for the pain and try to calm her down as much as possible until Noel gets home from work.

The other children realize that we are not going "BYE-BYE" and start to get upset so when Noel arrives Esther is screaming, Elijah, Jacob and Joshua are crying because they are not going anywhere now and Hannah is crying because everyone else is.

I rush to the pediatrician's office and are told that we have to get X-rays done across the street at the Austin Radiology Association office. We get checked in and have to wait, by that time Esther's MOTRIN has kicked in and we are feeling better but still not happy. She is wanting me to kiss her finger the entire time and is very upset that is not making her pain go away.

We get in the X-ray room and the technician does NOT have children and so he is trying to get Esther to close some of her fingers and twist her hand and do all sort so of things. Esther is really upset because this guy keeps touching her finger and she is not happy about it. Finally I tell the technician that if he wants the images that he wants he is going to have to tape Esther's fingers down. So on top of her brothers closing the storm door on her finger she has to be held down to take pictures of her fingers.

On the way home Esther gets some sleep after all the energy that she has exerted. When we get home she eats and takes a long nap. The pediatrician calls and lets us know that her finger is NOT broken and that we just have to make sure that we clean it and cut the dead skin off. That sounds so much easier over the phone then in actuality. Esther is a fighter and is very strong. I took the pictures above after I cut the dead skin off and cleaned her finger.

I want to thank my parents for praying the entire time for Esther.


MariFreem said...

Glad to here her finger was not broken! Thanks for the congrats! Hope to see everyone soon :)

Daryl & Diana said...

Um, well I guess that's a good excuse.

gwyneth said...

poor little girl! It always breaks my heart when a kiss or a bandaid doesn't make the pain go away. Though I am more frequently amazed when it does make the pain go away. Adeline took a header off her rocking chair into the corner of my nightstand a couple weeks ago. She had a black eye for a week, but the bandaid and a kiss made her stop crying as soon as they were on.
I'm glad you missed out on the whole broken bones thing though!

Trish said...

Dad and I were so glad she did not break her finger. It looks horrible though. I know you are taking good care of her and we continue to pray for a quick recovery. We love all of you very much. Nanna & Papa.