Monday, October 20, 2008

Our First Pumkin!

This year is the first time that we have had a pumpkin in our house. Last year the triplets were still really small and very time consuming. Elijah passed out candy last year but we did not have a pumpkin.

We decided that we would let the kids pull the fun, wet, slimy stuff out of the pumpkin and then daddy would carve the pumpkin. We took some pictures of the experience of mommy doing most of the work. I love the fact that they are wearing my shirts as coveralls to make sure they do not destroy their clothes more than normal.

Elijah wanted to look inside the pumpkin, Jacob wanted to eat the insides, Joshua just wanted to look and Esther did not really want anything to do with the pumpkin. They liked to see mommy pull the stuff out and for the them to touch it then.

We are going to enjoy this more and more as the kids get older, but we thought this was enough interaction with the pumpkin this year. It is so funny to see the kids when they experience something new because they all react differently and it is great to see all the different personalities of my children. God made them each different and I am blessed to see those differences every day and share them with you.

May God bless your families during the fall season with all the different experiences that come along with that.

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cheryl said...

SO FUN!! We're going to dive into our pumpkins next week.