Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love you, honey!

In recent days I have come to the conclusion that we as wives do not tell our husbands how much we love and RESPECT them. My sister-in-law is going through some things with my brother that has put my relationship with Noel into perspective. I have always known that Noel was great with our children and loved me, but sometimes I feel that we take those gestures of love as a given every day.

I am proud to be Noel's wife! He is a great husband and always gives me relief after a hard day with the kids as soon as he walks into the door. He takes off his shoes and climbs into the zoo with me and wrestles with the kids. He could come in the door and take his "relax" time but he loves me and gives me a breather. Noel has no problem with watching the kids so that I can go and be in public with normal adults that carry-on conversations; which some people find amazing! Well yes Noel is amazing. There is nothing in our lives that Noel has a problem doing if he knows that it will help our family or even help his wife.

More recently Noel has given me one of my dreams since we have moved into our house. We bought our house with a small master bathroom shower; so for the last two years we have been talking about building a new shower that is big enough for us to enjoy. Well Noel gave me my dream. For the last three weeks Noel has been working hard to tear our bathroom apart and build me a double-headed shower. ( He will post pictures on this blog later) He would come home and help me put the kids to bed and then work on the shower until midnight or later, then on weekends he would work on the shower at nap-time and even took a couple of days off work to do the things that would take a long stretch of time.

I just want to thank my husband for making my love "tank" full and overflowing on a daily basis. Thank you for changing diapers, feeding, do dishes, taking our the trash, providing for our family financially, making sure that we are a God-centered family and most of all thank you for loving God the way that you do and have a giving, unselfish heart.

So make a mental note that every day before you say good-bye in the morning and before you say good-night at night that you say "I love you." Also I recommend that you read a book called "The Five Love Languages," this book is amazing at letting you know how to fill your spouse's love "tank." Please pray for my sister, Jennifer, that God will fill her tank with His love so that she can handle what is going on in her life and to be an inspiration in her children's' lives. May God protect your families.

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Noel said...

Thanks Babe! I try to do what I can as much as possible. You do a fantastic job yourself, and I'm very glad I chose you to be my wife. I thank God for you every day!