Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall has Arrived!

Today Noel and I decided that we would take the children to the park. We cannot do this without the other one, because we are really out-numbered then. The weather was really nice and I enjoy when we can take our children.

The children are growing up so fast. Now Joshua loves to walk in his shoes and they are becoming more brave as the days go by. We went to park and the children love us to let go so that they can run and play without us being right next to them. With that comes the possibility of some falling down. Most of the time the falls result in them making us kiss some part of their body; then they run off like nothing has happened. Well today was different, Jacob decided that he was going to fall and take a piece out of his lip. So there was blood and some tears, but he is a strong person and did not cry for too long. So that make two accidents this week, Esther on Monday and Jacob on Friday.

We got some really good pictures of the children enjoying the weather outside. Noel and I were also blessed because there were not a million questions and no one took pictures of us while we let our children play. That has been a real burden for me with my children. I have come to the conclusion that my children are a blessing and if people come up to me and ask me questions that I need to be more understanding and hopefully with those encounter the Holy Spirit will use me to share my faith.

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Trish said...

I see that God has shown you something wonderful. I always enjoyed people coming up and asking the questions. I am so glad God has given you a different perspective. God gives us so many ways to share Jesus and He is going to use those wonderful children he gave you to be an opportunity for you to share Christ. You said you loved to see the children developing their own personalities. Well, I am still enjoying seeing my children grow. I love you very much and you make this mother very proud of her oldest daughter. May God continue to give you blessing and opportunites. All my love, Mom.