Friday, October 31, 2008

Rolling Over

For the last couple of weeks, Hannah has been rolling over. I cannot every get in on the video camera and so finally last night I caught it on tape; for proof. She is determined to do what she wants to do. As you see/hear in the video, she grunts when she cannot seem to mover her body the way she wants to go.

Our children are growing up so fast and it seems that every day they jump in weeks instead of days. Now do not get me wrong some days I wish they would jump in years, but in my heart I want them to want Mommy and to need me like they do now. I love those moments when only a Mommy's kiss will make it better and my lap is the safe place for my children. Enjoy your children even on the bad days where you want to scream.

Please enjoy our moment caught on tape and the total excitement that you see when she looks at the camera so say hello.

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