Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daddy's Girls

It is amazing how two children from the same home can turn out so differently. Esther is a girl by anatomy but a boy at heart, because she does not have any other influence. She plays like a boy and I do not dress her like a girl, in dresses. She is as rough if not rougher than the boys. Lately she has been more affectionate with Noel and has been cuddling with him more. On Saturday we went to the park and she played with daddy and even attempted several times to kiss daddy.

Now Hannah is the total opposite. She is calm and sweet and gentle, for now. She smiles and just wants you to hold her and play with her. Daddy has grown attached to his girls lately and I think that deep down he would admit that he does enjoy that feeling of holding his daughters in his arms and protecting them.

Hopefully Esther and Hannah will become good sisters and close friends. Their personalities will compliment each other and they will be a force to recon with.

I love these pictures of a father's love for his daughters in his/their own way. Love on your kids today and remember all those children in your prayers today that do not have that father to hold, play, and pray for them.

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A Father Sent to War said...

The babies are so cute and they will only become more attached to Noel. I love you sis.