Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Inside of the Van

I wanted to let everyone see the inside of my van. I was out in public one day with the children and I was loading them up in the van. This lady stopped me and told me, "there is no way all your children fit in the van!" I told her that "no, I make one of my children run on the side of the van." Well she did not like my response and so she took her cell phone and stuck it in the van and took a picture. Now, since I have several small children I am use to people asking me questions, giving me weird looks, and in all making my private family life public. I had never had anyone get that personal with me before.

So I had to drop some games that Marti left at my house back to her and she decided that she would take a picture of the inside of my van with all the kids to prove that it can be done and to let everyone see what it looks like to have five car seats in one vehicle. Marti had to use the wide view lens to capture the children.

Please enjoy your moment into my life and smile at the fact that you do not have this picture when you look into the rear-view mirror of your vehicle.


cheryl said...

That's awesome! I'm sorry that you have to be endure so many rude and often "well meaning" comments and remarks from people.
Thanks for taking it in stride and helping the rest of us keep our lives in perspective.

The Ranney's said...

Your humor and tolerance amaze me! What a beautiful sight!! Just think, it's only a matter of time before all of those sweet little faces will be staring back at you in the mirror...too sweet, they are!!!!