Monday, November 3, 2008

Hannah in Review

Hannah sleeping. She tries to snuggle with anything that is near her face when she sleeps.
Hannah at the park on Saturday.
Hannah letting me know that she is tired already of all the pictures that this mommy takes.

Here are some recent pictures of Hannah. She is growing up so fast and it seems that everyday we are seeing something new and trying to capture that on video/camera. It has been nice watching her grow up everyday because we did not get to enjoy the triplets when they were small because there was not a lot of time in the day to capture things on video/camera. God has blessed us with a child that we can enjoy when she is small.

Noel has grown attached to Hannah unlike any of the other children. He actually made a comment last night that he has grown attached to Hannah. That might be his baby girl because honestly Esther is a tom-boy already; she can definitely hold her own with the boys even though she is a girl and a lot smaller than her brothers.

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Adriana D. said...

The babies are soooooo beautiful!!!! Wonderful family!