Saturday, November 22, 2008

You might have a Redneck Moment, If.......

Well as most of you know, Noel went to Lubbock to do his inspections for the Garza county. Noel is an industrial appraiser, in laymen terms, he tells the counties that hire him what the industrial properties in their county are worth so that the right tax bill is sent. Of course the company does not think they are worth that much money and they "negotiate" to a value that is reasonable for the county. Noel does not like to negotiate because he is ALWAYS right. That is another story.

So, Noel landed in Lubbock on Sunday and started to work as soon as he got his rental vehicle a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well when I talked to Noel that evening he stated that he messed up the bumper and the wheel well and the undercarriage of the vehicle. Noel told me that he went through a low water crossing (see picture below, it looks like a lake) and that the bumper fell off and he ran over it. He did not notice that his bumper was missing until about 30 minutes later when he was taking some pictures of a property and went back to the vehicle and noticed that the bumper was missing. So he went back to the low water crossing where the bumper was floating, grabbed the bumper and put it in the Cherokee.

The next day he drove back to the airport to report it and get another vehicle. Now if I was running a rental car place and a customer came in and told me that story I would probably go and look at the vehicle. NO! The person at the rental place told Noel to call a number and report the claim, then the claim people told the rental place to get the car fixed. Then they gave Noel another vehicle, but they never went and looked at the vehicle.

Noel took pictures and I hope that you enjoy them. I have enjoyed this Redneck Moment and thought that I would share that with you. In Noel's defense the bumper was on the vehicle with PLASTIC screws and a couple of metal clips. Got to love that American built vehicle.


cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious!!!
Glad it wasn't anything he had to foot the bill on. Crazy!

The Wilcoxson's said...

Well we have not gotten the bill YET

The Wilcoxson's said...

Praise God, the company credit card has a policy for damage with vehicles.