Sunday, November 9, 2008


The other day we let Elijah be the distributor of the snack at snack time. We are trying to teach him that sharing is a good thing and that God wants us to share. You see he will share with mommy and daddy but the triplets are a different issue.

We took some pictures to prove that our sons knows how to share. The funny thing on another day we let him hand out snack, goldfish, to him and his siblings. Well I asked if I could have a goldfish and the answer was a pronounced "NO". So Noel asked Elijah if he could have a goldfish and he told daddy "NO!!!" So we are trying to work on the sharing part to make sure that he is willing to share with his siblings and with his parents in the same event.

Our son is growing up and some days I want him to stop because I like this stage of independence and learning. He has found out that if he touches me and calls my name that I am more likely to hear him. So this is how a conversation with my son goes: (Hold your laughs until the end)

Elijah: "Mama!"
Mommy: "Yes Elijah what do you want?"
Elijah: "Mama, (this time he touches me and says it)"
Mommy: "yes Elijah what can i do for you?"
Elijah: "lub you"

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