Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Roomba, Wherefore art thou Roomba?

My husband bought me a Roomba a while back, and of course I fell in love with it. Who does not like a vacuum that cleans while you sleep, and then charges itself when it is running low?

Anyway if you do not think that you need a Roomba ask anyone that has one and they will tell you how wonderful it is. My husband who is an engineer was very weary about this contraption until he say how it works and what it picks up. Also that it makes his wife happy. Next is the Scooba, sweeps/mops/dries floors.

Well my children love "Revi" because they can run from her and chase her; it is like having a dog with none of the responsibilities and all the fun. Jacob likes "Revi" more than anyone else, and seems to find her when he is free to roam the downstairs area. Jacob loves to lay on the floor and touch "Revi" and push her big green button to start the fun.

I could be in another room and hear "Revi" go off and know exactly who has turned her on. When I go into the kitchen there is Jacob with a smile on his face and the look of total satisfaction that his playmate is going to play.

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cheryl said...

That's just too funny! His wife will love him some day if he stays this interested in cleaning. ;o)