Friday, December 26, 2008

Catch-Up Post

We have been extremely busy the last week. Nothing that was noticeable until the end of the week and we did not get a lot of things that we normally get done. For me that was making sure that my blogging was done. So this post is to catch everyone up with our lives.

The triplets went and got their 18 month check-up. Everything was fine. The good thing is that we only had to get ONE shot at this check-up.

Jacob: 24 lbs
Joshua: 25 lbs
Esther: 21 lbs (YEAH!!!)

We are so glad that Esther has broke the 20 pound mark. She was born weighing 4 lbs 3 oz. and so she has really grown since then and we are totally excited. She still looks tiny and when you pick her up she seems to weigh nothing.

I got my hair cut off. I decided that I was tired of trying to grow my hair out. So I cut it all off. Noel is not excited about it but I love it and that is all that matters.

Elijah has started potty training. Noel is off the week after Christmas and so we are hoping that we can get him a good start. Pray that he picks it up quickly and that the others start to get interested.

Well we hope that your week was good and that everyone enjoyed their families.

1 comment:

cheryl said...

So how can you tell us about the haircut and not show pics?!?
Also, from the pictures on the sidebar, it looks like the ball-pit/ bounce house is a hit w/ the kids! ;o)
Hope y'all had a really great Christmas