Monday, December 15, 2008

Esther saying a few words

Lately Esther has been trying to use words. Everyday her words get better. Noel and I thought that we would get her saying a few of the words that she likes to use on a daily basis. Also the grandparents love this when we did it with Elijah.

They are growing up so fast and everyday they are learning more and more. I look at Hannah and try to remember when the triplets and Elijah was that age and it is all a blur. Hannah is growing up so fast as well, she is starting to move with her arms and soon she will be crawling.

We hope you enjoy one of our moments together with Esther. We will try to share more of our experiences but it is hard to take a picture/video when you are trying to get 4 toddlers down the stairs after nap time and every other moment in our house.


HornFamily said...

So cute... I love the animation associated with Touchdown! =)

Trish said...

Esther is so cute and I really love watching her grow. She is such a loving little girl. She does need lots of hugs but that is okay by me. We are looking forward to Christmas Eve with all of you and being able to worship our Lord and Saviour. May God bless all of our children and grandchildren. Love Mom