Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation with the Wilcoxson's Part 1

Noel's office is closed this week and so we are spending some time with the kids and playing pretty hard. I thought that I would share some videos that we have gotten so far to explain how are week is going.

The first video is a follow-up to the sleeping video that we shared last week. Now our triplets are trying to sleep in the same crib. In the video you see that they all decided to sleep with Jacob. What I find funny is that Jacob is sleeping on one side of the bed and the other two are on the the other side and there is a pillow in between Jacob and Joshua and Esther. Jacob and Esther are fine with sleeping by themselves but the last 4 or 5 nights Joshua is either sleeping with Esther or with Jacob. I find it very sweet and very comforting that Jacob and Esther are okay with their brother climbing into to bed with them. Just anther day in our zoo.

The next video is Elijah having fun with Nana Gail. Every time that Bobby and Gail come over one of them hides and waits for Elijah to come around the corner. I have finally caught this on tape and think it is hilarious. Sometimes he gets so scared that there is a delayed reaction from the time that one of them pops out in the open and when Elijah's body catches up with his emotions.

We have started to let Hannah interact with the other "animals" since she is crawling backwards and moving all over the place. Joshua is her favorite friend because he is so mellow and likes to just laugh and make noises with her. Hannah laughs. Jacob wants to shake Hannah and wrestle with her so we have to make sure that he is not too rough with her. Esther just likes to rub her head every once in a while and Elijah just wants everyone else to know that Hannah is "mine."

The last video is funny to Noel and I. We do not know if everyone will think it is funny but we enjoyed it. Hannah loves her jumper and is very active in it. So on Monday she was jumping in her jumper and she fell asleep. I realized that she was not making any noise so I went and checked on her and found her asleep and her giving us a great gesture. Colton does the same think and Doug says it is because he has LSU blood in him. Well Hannah does not have LSU blood in her but she does have Aggie blood with a lot of attitude to go with it.

Well that has been our week so far. Noel has been busy with projects this week. I will let him blog about the specifics. Our close friends bought a new dishwasher and Noel went over there to install it for them. Well when he pulled the old dishwasher out there was MOLD and WATER behind the dishwasher. So he is installing half a kitchen of new cabinets, new sink, new garbage disposal, new faucet and the new dishwasher. Also he had to go to the Social Security Office yesterday because the hospital sent the paperwork to the Social Security Office for Hannah's number but we never received it. So we had to get her birth certificate and then he had to go to the office. He got there and pulled a number. The number he pulled was like 195 and they were on 91. So he ran errands, ate lunch, came back to the house and returned to the office to wait until his number was called. The the associate stated that he could not issue us a card because the birth certificate was not proof that Hannah was alive. We have to have a medical record. The birth certificate only proves that she was born but the medical record proves that she is alive. So they gave us the number to file for taxes but we have to go back to have them issue us a Social Security Card. YEAH!!!

From our family to you, we hope that you have a wonderful New Year's Eve and to stay safe.

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