Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Remodel

Noel was off this week due to his office being closed. So last weekend Kerri and Doug Ranney received a new dishwasher for Christmas. Noel went over to install the new dishwasher, but God had another plan. When Noel and Doug removed the old dishwasher there was MOLD and WATER behind the old dishwasher.

Kerri and Doug decided to remove the old cabinets on that side of their kitchen and replace them. Get a new kitchen sink, garbage disposal, faucet, cabinets and counter tops. Noel works for tools and so Doug did the demolition work and then Noel and Doug fixed the drywall and leveled the floor to put the cabinets in.

On Tuesday they tackled the cabinets. So you have to make sure that the cabinets are level so that the counter top will go on. After putting the cabinets in the counter top had to be raised to fit on the cabinets. Then at the end of the long day that Noel and Doug had the fitting for the P-trap was not long enough. Lowe's was closed and so they could not finish.

Wednesday we went to San Antonio to visit Noel's dad and when we got home Noel went over to the Ranney's to finish the sink. Well the fitting fit and everything was tested. This morning there was a small leak from an old clamp and a new fitting. So Kerri and Doug replaced the old clamp and put some Teflon tape on the fitting and everything seems fine.

Noel was just glad that he could help our friends and he got to spend some quality time with Doug. God is amazing in knowing when things need to happen, but He never leaves you out there alone. Noel and Kerri took the pictures; there are no pictures of the MOLD and WATER.

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HornFamily said...

Wow! so kerri won't have to use your dishwasher anymore??? Kitchen looks great.