Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hannah Lately

It is so hard to make sure that I keep up with all the new developments with everyone. There is at least one a day and most of the time I cannot keep up with all of them and catch them on camera/video. Plus try to do all the normal things in a day. Change diapers, feed, clean, cook, laundry, and find time to go to the bathroom. So here is the update on Hannah:

i) Hannah has discovered her tongue. She likes to try to chew on it with her gums. Also she likes to stick it out as much as possible. Her tongue is pointed at the end and not round so it makes it really funny to Noel and I.

ii) Hannah is trying to crawl forward. She is already moving backwards and rotating her body in a circle with her arms, but now she is up on all fours rocking forwards.

iii) Hannah does not baby food, I continue to try to get her to eat it but she is more interested in what I am eating then that nasty colored food that I continue to try to put in her mouth. She is going to be just like Elijah who hated baby food, unlike the triplets who loved baby food.

iv) Hannah loves her daddy. She lights up when he holds her and plays with her. Noel and I are really enjoying Hannah being small even though she wants to be 16 already.

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