Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Shoot

While I was pregnant with Hannah there were four other ladies that were pregnant with me. Our due dates were really close together. So Marti took the challenge of getting a picture of all of us before we had our children. Don't we look marvelous? Now our children are about 6 months old and so we decided to have a follow-up photo shoot. The children were not as cooperative as when they were in our bellies. One of the ladies, Wren, her son was sick so he did not make it. Marti will Photoshop him in later. Also as you see Hannah is the only female in the group with the other boys.

I hope that you enjoy the photos of all the babies and of just Hannah. She is turning out to be such a sweetie. You can never have too many photos of your children and it is always good to know someone that knows how to take photos and that loves it. Thank you Marti for continuing to take pictures of my children and my family; there are a lot of people that like to see new photos of my children.


cheryl said...

The pics turned out so fun!

HornFamily said...

so sad that we missed it... hopefully we can do one more photo shoot to include Braden! The babies look so adorable.