Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stairs and Gravity

Last night Noel and I gave the "zoo" a bath as usual. After drying them off we moved toward the stairs. Jacob and I stayed behind to hang the towels. Jacob has become mom's little sidekick. So as we were folding the towels over the towel rack; then I heard Noel's voice become scared as he screamed Joshua's name. Then I heard the sound that I had hoped that I would never have to hear. Joshua started to roll down the stairs. By the time that I got to the stairs Noel had Joshua in his arms and he was not crying.

Noel got the other children down the stairs and we looked Joshua over. I think that Noel and I were more scared then he was. Being the mellow child he just wanted us to stop touching him so that he could play with everyone else. We gave him some Motrin to make sure that if he was sore that he would be able to sleep.

Later Noel told me what happened. Noel was holding onto Esther's and Joshua's hand and Elijah holds onto the railing. Well Elijah decided that he was going to pick up Noel's camera and Noel told Elijah to put it down. In that second Joshua let go to Noel's hand and took a step. That is when he fell down and I heard Noel's voice change.

This morning he was running and playing like everyone else. We are thankful that he was not seriously hurt. I looked him over and could not find any new bruises. The picture above explains how I feel about the stairs and my children. Noel and I are very careful, but sometimes our children get hurt.

As parents we always ask for protection for our children from strangers, disease, and illness. I think for the first couple of years we need to ask for protection from themselves. They seem to hurt themselves more than anyone else. Well in my "zoo" they seem to enjoy hurting each other.

May your children stay safe from each other and from themselves.

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