Friday, January 16, 2009

Six month Check-up

Six Months!! Has it really been that long already? I forget sometimes how fast babies grow. Hannah is not small anymore, and she is not the infant that I want her to be most days. No, most days she is this independent, do not help me, baby. For instance:
** she does not like to be held when she is eating, but in her seat with a "hands-free" bottle, doing it herself.
**she does not like to be on her back for more than 3-5 seconds when she is on the floor. NO she wants to be moving on her tummy.
**she does not want to cuddle and be held for very long, but stand up and jump up and down.

The days of cuddling, sleeping on my chest, and just being this sweet, quiet baby is gone forever. Now she is the this independent, I can do it for myself, I want the whole world to hear me when I squeal baby.

Hannah went to the doctor yesterday and we say our favorite pediatrician, Dr. Rane, of Northwest Pediatrics. Hannah weighed 16lbs 4 oz. She is in the 60-75%, which is good. Hannah decided to show-off for Dr. Rane by rolling over, getting on all fours and rocking back and forth. Then she lunged towards Dr. Rane. So Rane stated that Hannah was fantastic like her brothers and sister. Rane asked if she could borrow Hannah for the weekend.

Our next update will be at 9 months, where who knows what Hannah might be doing. Walking maybe? Enjoy our picture of Hannah she has such a personality and loves to show us her smile, dimple and her tongue. We love her and know that you do too.

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