Monday, January 19, 2009

God is Amazing!! All the time!

As most of you know, Noel and I met on E*Harmony. If you want to know my side of the story you can go here.

Last night Noel and I were talking about dreams, expectations, and hopes for our children and our marriage. As we were talking Noel mentioned that he knew that my dream was to become a store manager or even an executive Vice-President. I told him that was my dream but after having our children dreams are adapted. I told him that my dream was that I would raise our children to love and fear God.

Noel let me know last night that he wanted me to stay home and take care of our children, but that he did not want to PRESSURE me into that decision. He did not want me to change my dream because of what he wanted. That was a big relief for me that Noel was willing to go to a one-income household and that he was grateful for that. I have met some women that their husbands make them feel bad for wanting to stay home. Also the other way that some husbands make their wives fee bad about pursuing a career and having children.

I thank God everyday that He pulled me out of the situation that I was in over three years ago and has completely changed my life. Three years ago I was no where near God nor did I want to be. I was working to make my career and that was what was important to me. Also I was in a relationship that more out of convenience then anything else. I was too lazy and too content where I was to look for anything better. It took my mother telling me that I was better and that God had a better plan for me.

I love you sweetie and I am proud to be your wife. May we raise our children the way that God wants us to. God use us to mold our children for you. Guide us as we make decisions every day and may they glorify you.

I think sometimes as parents we think that the everyday decisions are not as important as the huge decisions like what church to go to, when to start school, public, private or homeschooling. The everyday consistency and the daily affection for our children and our spouse is what makes the other decision easier and comforting.

Love, teach, mold and discipline your children, but do it out of LOVE!

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