Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Night at the Wilcoxson's

Recently in our house the triplets have figured out how to get out of their beds. So the front railing have been moved all the way down so that the triplets do not get hurt. In doing this we have released the "animals" in our "zoo."

Elijah has taken a different approach to sleeping. Our son refuses to sleep with clothes on and if given the chance without his diaper. So as you know we have started to Duct tape his diaper on, but the clothes still come off. Also he does not sleep in his bed. Now Noel and I could try to make him sleep in his bed, but that is a battle that does not need to be conquered by us. He sleeps fine and his attitude is fine so we leave him alone.

Now the triplets have started to explore their freedom with each other. Noel and I took the closet doors off to make sure that they could not hurt themselves and the dresser is not able to be opened as well. Their personalities have shown through. Jacob likes to JUMP out of his bed because he likes the sound it makes when he lands on the floor. Joshua stays in his bed because he likes to sleep. Esther has found out that she does NOT have to sleep alone anymore; so she climbs into bed with Joshua.

Hannah is sleeping great these days and has learned to roll over in the last 5 weeks. She sleeps on her stomach with her legs as close to her torso as possible and her body as close to the bumper pad as possible.

Well Noel and I videoed our "zoo" and how they sleep. We hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful week.

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cheryl said...

What a fun post. That will be great to go back and show them later. ;o)