Friday, December 19, 2008

One Foot, Two Feet

Hannah every day is growing up and it is sad because she is the last child. But in a way it is exciting because she is adjusting to all the "animals" in our "zoo." Well tonight she was sitting in her chair getting ready to eat her night bottle when Noel started to play with her feet. She laughed and then started to chew on her tongue.

Not even five minutes later she started to sit up and touch her feet. My mother is visiting and we all had a good laugh. You know me I had to record it because I am that person. I hope that you enjoy a moment in our lives. We try to share as many as possible because we think they are all great.

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Trish said...

I was so glad that I was there to see Hannah find her feet. She is growing up so fast. I guess it is because of her brothers and sister. We are so blest to have such wonderful grandchildren. We love them all. We love you and Noel. Keep loving and caring for each other and the children. May God continue to give you wisdom and a sense of humor. I love you, mom.