Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Rest of the Story

If you have ever listened to Paul Harvey he likes to tell "the rest of the story." Well E*Harmony does the same thing after you have matched up. They like you to login and tell them how your meeting went and what happened afterwards. If you got married they want you to send them a wedding photo.

So I sent them my story and a wedding picture. Of course I let them know that we had five children under the age of 2.5 yrs old. I got an e-mail the next day wanting me to send them a picture of my entire family. Well that is easy when you are typing an e-mail but I do not think that she thought about what she was asking. So I called my friend Marti and asked if she would mind taking our family portrait. She told me no problem and so we set it up. Marti came and took about 400-500 pictures of our family and then photos of the children.

She photo shopped the best of several and this is the picture that we got. Now I would like to say that we appreciate Marti for what she did and let her know that hundreds of people will see her picture and all our family and friends because we used the same picture for our Christmas card.

Well here is the beginning and the "rest of our story", please click here. I am thankful every day for my mother telling me that I should try E*Harmony and I am thankful for the wonderful husband and father that I was given by God. I love you sweetie.

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Cheng family said...

You guys really do have an amazing story and I loved reading it. Thanks for sharing it.