Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Game of Tag

It seems that we are playing a game of tag. Now my life is not very interesting and I am suppose to give you 7 unique facts about myself that you might not know about me. So here they are.

1.) I grew up in a military family and when my dad retired he was called into the ministry. So I went from a MB (military brat) to a PK (preacher's kid). Both are bad, but I never lived up to the rebellion of being a PK.

2.) When I was in the marching band I was one of the leaders for the Flute section. Well I had a few freshman that did not understand how to be quiet, so I made them run for 30 minutes straight. So one of the girls went home and told her father that I cursed at her and made her do horrible things. The next day this father came to practice in his military uniform and decided that he was going to YELL at me. Thinking that this was not going to do anything to him (in the military you cannot assert your authority onto a civilian, especially a minor); he was not allowed to get out of his car when picking up his daughter.

3.) I dated a guy in college that was from Pakistan descent. We went on a trip to Florida on Spring Break. Another friend that was from Indian descent went with us. We flew and at every airport we went to we got searched, our person, bags, everything. On our way home the guards wanted to do a cavity search to make sure we were not smuggling bombs onto the plane. The supervisor stopped this from happening. So much for "random" searches.

4.) When we lived in the Netherlands, there was a potato farm behind our house. So after the farmer had harvested his potatoes we would play baseball in his field. Well one day he decided that he did not like that and he shot at us with a pellet gun.

5.)When I worked overnight, I had an employee that thought taking instruction from a female was under him. So I told him that I wanted to see him in my office. As I turned to leave one of my employees yelled my name and I knew in that split second I was in trouble. The man decided that he was going to come at me with his box cutter. So as I was turning I punched him in the face, broke his nose and he fell to the ground. For the next month everyone in the store saw the video and it was made into an learning video for managers in this company.

6.) When I worked in the grocery business, I had a problem with people stealing beer in my store. The beer case was right next to the exit door in the back of the store. So I was loosing about 400-700 dollars a week. I told my store manager that I would solve this problem but that it was not going to be legal with the Fire Marshall. She told me to stop the "bleeding." You see the scam was that there was a car waiting for the thief when he/she came running out of the back of the store. So on Friday night I put about 20 wooden pallets against the fire exit in the back of the store. Not 20 minutes later the first person came running through the store. He grabbed the beer and ran full force towards the door. That was all the he remembers because when he went to open the door there was no give. He knocked himself out. When he woke up the police had arrived and he was arrested. I told him to tell all his friends that the pallets would be done on a random basis, so they never would know when they would get away with it and not. The police officers watched the video 43 times and laughed more at each time.

7.) When I was working overnight, I was dating a guy that lived in the same house as me. Well he loved to play poker online for real money. He was a good poker player but did not know when to stop. So he would win big and loose it because he could not stop. So I learned to play poker online as well, because when I was off work I did not have any friends because they all had day jobs and I had a night job. I would play poker to pay the bills because my boyfriend at the time would loose his paycheck in less than 8 hours.

There you go. Seven unique things about me, that most of you do not know. I am not tagging anyone because everyone that I know has been tagged already. Have a good laugh and a good day.

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jenni said...

great stories, jennifer - made me laugh really hard!