Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guitar Hero Here We Come!

Okay so we might be a little young to start getting our "safari" hooked on video games, but when I took this picture that is all I could think about: Guitar Hero!

Now you see why I thought that and why you are thinking it right now. I love Lego's and have since I was a kid because you can build anything with Lego's and it teaches our "safari" to have imaginations. So Elijah asked me to build something and usually I build something small and he tears it apart before he can stand up. When I built him the guitar he carried that thing around for over an hour and would not let anyone touch it. Yeah he eventually tore it apart and built something else but for the rest of the day the "safari" tried to play every creation they made like the guitar that I made Elijah. Am I a cool mom or what? No, I just want to be a toddler again.

Yeah for imagination and dreams. Someday maybe I can build a Lego creation like this one with my "safari."

Just kidding! I was paying attention in church about making sure that my time is spent on eternal things!

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cheryl said...

so fun. you are a "cool" mom. ;o)