Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It is official I have gone one year without being pregnant! Oh and Hannah turned a year today.

This year has been amazing. When Noel and I found that we were pregnant again we were not that thrilled to be honest. We were still in the thick of getting use to having triplets and now we were pregnant again. Noel and I were worried that we were going to have multiples again, but when we found out that we were only having a singleton it was a little better.

My pregnancy was great and my OB/GYN was retiring from delivering babies but decided that he would stay on until I delivered Hannah. So Hannah was the last baby that he delivered and I also was the only triplet delivery for him as well.

Looking back at this year it has been amazing. We were blessed with a wonderful baby, with a lot of personality. Hannah started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and has been a true delight this year and we hope in the years to come. I thought that I would put together some pictures that we have taken of her.

Happy Birthday Hannah, mommy and daddy love you and are looking forward to raising you to be a Godly woman.


cat said...

Happy birthday to Hannah. You have such a beautiful family.

Pam Miner said...

My niece is so beautiful. And you have no idea how much a personality she has. She is a trip. I love you Hannah!!! Happy Birthday my love!!

cheryl said...

So sweet! Can't believe she's one already. Before you know it their all going no be teenagers. ;o)
Happy birthday Hannah! Try to take it easy on your mommy.

our little family of 4 said...

She is SOOO adorable! Her smile is the best!

Trish said...

She is for sure a sweetheart. Her personality is so special. She is a very special little girl. I can't believe she is one year old, where does the time go. Nana and Papa love you.