Friday, July 3, 2009

Trees with Fruit

When we moved into our house this is what our backyard looked like:
Do you see the mounds of rocks? I thought that the family before us had either buried their pets there or had human remains in the backyard. Also there was a cement ring where a Coy pond use to be. Our backyard was horrible. Then there was this bush by the air conditioning unit.

A lot of hard work and some moving of rocks, Noel did all of that because I was pregnant the entire time, made our backyard better. Noel must have loaded the truck bed at least 5 times with all the rocks that were in our backyard and til this day we still find rocks in weird places. Then there is the cement that we find in the backyard. The family before us decided that it would be better to fill the holes in the backyard with cement instead of top soil.

Noel decided to pull the bush that was beside our A/C unit up and found that we had a fig tree there, but it was dying because the bush was killing it. Noel decided to water it and see what would happen. Well this year our Fig Tree is huge and has lots of fruit on it. The "safari" eat the figs as soon as Noel picks them and this morning they ate at least 20 figs between them. On the other side of the yard we found that we have a pomegranate tree that is producing a lot of fruit as well. Noel and Elijah make sure that our trees get enough water in this summer heat. Our pecan tree is starting to produce fruit and we will have to see what happens.

It is nice to see what some love and water can do to a tree and what that tree can produce for you. The "safari" love to go outside and see if daddy can find them a fig to eat off the tree. We can only imagine how wonderful it was for Adam and Eve to just walk in the garden and pick whatever fruit they wanted off the trees and enjoy it. So if you are thinking about planting a fruit tree they will survive in Texas with some love and lots of water.

These are some pictures that I took of our trees that are bearing fruit in our backyard.

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cheryl said...

so super fun. we love eating stuff right out of our backyard too. :o)