Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thinking Outside the BOX!

The "safari" got some really cool books, puzzles, and Lego's. My "safari" love to do puzzles and so they went to town. Nana and Papa got them a few puzzles that make noises when you put them together.

The "safari" was playing on the floor, Noel and I noticed that Esther was putting the puzzles together differently then the other kids. She did not want to put the right puzzle pieces in the right holes, so she used the Lego's to help her finish her puzzle. I thought it was great that she used her imagination to finish her puzzle and she was very excited that she put hers together.

Here are a few pictures that we got of her "finished" puzzle.

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J-Man said...

Isn't it so cool to get a glimpse into Esther's thinking? It's a great reminder that kids don't automatically value the assumed objective. It's so pure. I love it. Josh and I recently played the game of Life and he said that the person with the most kids, not money, wins the game.

P.S. You're a winner, my friend.