Thursday, July 2, 2009


My "safari" love hats. By the pictures above you can join in our laughter of all the different hats that they have worn and have made into hats.

This week Elijah has enjoyed playing with his underwear and decided that it would be funny to make it into a hat. Well as soon as he did that then everyone wanted a "hat". They all looked great in their hats except Joshua; his head was too big and it hurt his head. That just proves that his head is huge, and confirms why it is so hard to get a shirt over his head.

I just wanted to share the "safari's" love for hats and hope that you have a wonderful July 4th weekend.

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Trish said...

I laugh so much when I see them with all the different hats. I love the underwear hats. You are going to have some wonderful pictures to show their friends when they are older. I love all of you very much. Love mom, and nana.