Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Limits!

We went to the Lake House this weekend. This is the first time that we have all been at the lake house. We went last year when I was REALLY pregnant with Hannah and the year before when Noel's brother was getting married and I was REALLY pregnant with the triplets. So we were excited to see how everyone was going to handle it. We wanted some help so we asked my parents and Noel's mom and step-father to come as well.

Well my father got sick and was sick all week and so he could not make it and then Bobby and Gail decided that that would come late on Saturday. So we had my mother and us with 6 children, my nephew came.

On Friday we arrived and had dinner and then played in the bounce house with water and Noel and Elijah played in the lake water that was in the cove, lots of moss! NASTY!! The kids slept pretty well. On Saturday we got up and ate breakfast and played outside while we got the boat ready. The next door neighbor, Bill, came up to mow the lawn. He started to talk to Noel and mentioned that he got a new Porsche. Bill came to see the "safari" and I asked how he liked his car. He stated, "Do you want to drive it?" Yeah!!!

I want to thank my dad for teaching me how to drive a stick-shift. Bill told me that I could go as fast as I wanted and to enjoy myself. I did enjoy myself, I decided that 125mph was probably all I wanted to do. I drove by a cop twice and all he did was shake his head and smile at me. I love the country.

We went on the boat and swam in the lake. The "safari" loved the boat and the water. We had lunch and the "safari" passed out for nap time. After taking a nap we went outside for about 10 minutes because it was so hot. Later in the afternoon Noel's mother and step-father came up and the "safari" played with them and their dog. Then we loaded them into the van and drove home. Everyone was tired and fell asleep before we got out of Kingsland.

I packed everything for this trip, except the battery charger for the camera. So all you get is the picture of the Porsche that I drove. I was sad to find out that I remembered everything except that. We will visit the lake house a lot in the future and the pictures will come. We had a great time and the "safari" loved it, that is all that matters.

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newlyweds said...

Sounds like a fun time, I know how hard it is to pack for a trip with my 2 I can't imaigine, 5! Anyways I also can't believe you drove 125mph, I would have been scared to death. Sounds like yall had a great time.