Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Love of Food

Have you ever made a meal that your husband just loves? I have several times; I try to make sure that my husband enjoys dinner. Well last week we had cheese enchiladas that were just great. There were some leftovers so Noel decided that he was going to take them to work for lunch.

Noel has been trying to ride his bike to work three times a week, yes all 12 miles one way. Well that morning he was riding his bike and so he was going to take some Advil with him so that he could take it at work. Now this is where the "man" side shows up. He did not have a place to put the Advil, now a women would have gotten a ziplock bag and put the Advil in there. NO that is not what Noel did; he decided that he would put it in the container that had the enchiladas and then take them out when he got to work. Yeah right, Noel is not good with memory unless it is really important. For example, I can tell him to please get the laundry when he is putting the "safari" to bed and he will come downstairs with NO laundry.

He gets to work and of course forgets that the Advil is in his lunch. At lunchtime he puts the enchiladas in the microwave and goes on his business. A woman would have opened the container all the way and looked but not Noel. He microwaved his LIQUID filled Advil with his lunch. BUT get this he still ate the enchiladas. He stated that the Advil was not going to keep him from eating the great enchiladas.

I am honored that he loves my food that much that he would eat the enchiladas, but that is NASTY!!! I love you honey but next time get a Ziplock bag or get a travel size container of Advil for work.

I thought I would share this story since I am still laughing and it has almost been a week.


Noel said...

In my defense, the cheesy sauce on the enchiladas helped contain the nasty flavor of the liquid advil almost as well as the gel cap. But they were good enchiladas!

Mira is triplet crown said...

Would be nice to be a man and just do things any old way, wouldn't it? Very funny. Watching the kids grow up differently as boys and girls just reaffirms that there is a major difference between the sexes! Thanks for visiting my blog!

monica said...

Oh that is funny!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Cute kids!

Trish said...

Noel, I just pray that you did not have any side effects to your saga. I love you and am glad you are okay. Will see all of you on Friday. Love Mom

newlyweds said...

That is hilarious!! Now those must have been some pretty good enchiladas!