Saturday, June 20, 2009

Diet Coke or Margarita

The last several months Noel and I have been trying to figure out the PERFECT room situation for the triplets and Elijah with Hannah in the mix, because she needs somewhere to sleep.

We tried the triplets together and that worked for a long time. Then the triplets would put their "strengths" together and destroy, open and play with everything. So we decided to split the triplets, then we had Elijah and Joshua together. That did not work and so we moved Esther with Elijah. Well guess what that did NOT work out either.

Noel and I have moved beds, removed wheels from beds, removed side rails, removed closet doors, reinforced the curtains to the studs in the wall, put a lock on the outside of the door, removed blinds, used duct tape and put a heavier mattress in with Elijah and Esther so that they could not put it up against the wall and bounce their bodies off of it.

The final moment came on Thursday. Look at the pictures and then I will explain.

Looks like stuffing from a pillow right? Oh I wish. You see Noel and I have been duct taping Elijah and his roommate, whomever it might be, because they always take their diaper off. Well the smart people decided that if you tear the diaper from the middle then it accomplishes the same thing and you can get around the duct tape if you suck in and pull down the torn diaper. So Elijah helped Esther with her diaper and that is the outcome. The beads that protect our "safari" from wetness was all over the room. So after making them clean it up and getting a punishment, a spanking, I called Noel.

So this is the living situation now. Elijah is in his room by himself. Joshua and Jacob are in a room together and then Esther is in the final room. That leaves Hannah and the "guest room" furniture in the game room upstairs. We were blessed with the fact that Hannah can sleep anywhere so she is in the game room. Now in our bedroom is the computer, books, the drawers from the cribs, side rails from the cribs. All the closet doors are in the game room behind the two beds for "guests."

What an adventure. Noel and I kid around when I call him in the afternoon. I tell him if it is a Diet Coke moment or if it is a Margarita moment. Thursday was a Margarita moment.


gwyneth said...

wow. it takes ingenuity and talent to take off a duct taped diaper. impressive and scary.

cheryl said...

Oh my gosh Jennifer! This is just so crazy. I'm thankful for you that at least Hannah is so flexible! :o)

J-Man said...

I'm impressed that you can still laugh about all this. One day your kiddos will thank you for being such a creative and patient mom.

Jen said...

It always amazes me at the stuff that kids can get into or destroy. It seems like sometimes they are an unstoppable.