Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super Dad

Multiples and More blog decided that it would be fun for everyone to write about their father or their babies' father for Father's Day and post it. I decided to write about the "safari's" father.

I met Noel on E*Harmony. When we finally met we knew that we had a connection and were totally excited about it. We talked about everything that we had done and what we wanted to do with our lives. Noel wanted to find a life-long partner and have a big family. I wanted to get married as well with the OPTION of children. God knew Noel's heart and he gave us a big family, 5 children in 23 months, Elijah in 2006 10 months later the triplets and 13 months later Hannah.

As soon as people find out that we are the "Wilcoxson's" we get asked, "so who helps you on a daily basis?" The answer always surprises them, "it is just us." You see we have family that helps when we need a break or a just some time together, but we do it together. I have a wonderful husband that loves his "safari" and would not trade them in for anything. Noel does not stay late at work so that he misses out on dinner and bath time, he does not come home and tell me that he needs some "unwinding time" before he helps me with the "safari." No, as soon as he opens the door he takes his shoes off and jumps in to help. Most of the time that means that he gets beat up by the "safari" wanting to play rough with daddy. It warms my heart to know that I have a husband who is not a father but a daddy to my "safari."

The best thing is that I can leave the house and know that the "safari" is going to be safe and have lots of fun with daddy while I am gone. When we had the triplets we decided that I would still work and so Noel took care of the "safari" on the weekends when I had to work. He had a great time and enjoyed playing and teaching our "safari" things like watching football, playing ball, wrestling, and other daddy things. No matter who I am with I always get asked who is watching the kids when I am in public without them. Noel is watching our "safari," because he knows that mommy needs to escape as well.

I remember talking to Noel one night and he told me that he would not have planned our family this close but that he thought is was the best thing for us and that he has had a blast and is looking forward to the years to come. Noel loves his children and he misses them every time that he has to leave town. He calls to hear their voices and his heart melts when he hears them tell him that they "love him, miss him, want him to come home and bye bye."

God chose Noel to be a daddy and He molded him and got him ready for the "safari." Noel has become the daddy that I dreamed he would be and God continues to mold him to be the example that he needs to be and to make sure that God is in our lives and in our "safari's" lives.

Noel I am proud of you and want you to know that you are the best daddy to our "safari." I could not have received a better husband to fill that role. I thank you for loving and teach our children the right things and that God loves them. My heart overflows when I hear them ask "where daddy is?" and when they say they love you and love on you. I see that you are instilling in them early the importance of family and that you are making them a priority in our lives. May God continue to bless our family and continue to mold you to the man, husband, and daddy you are suppose to be. I love you, Happy Father's Day.


Amanda said...

Happy father's day to Noel!

Lani said...

What a wonderful Dad! Happy Father's Day!

Jackie said...

WOW!!!! Happy Happy Fathers Day, Safari dad!! :)

The Q family said...

What a beautiful tribute! Happy Father's Day!