Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What did you say?

There are certain words/sounds a mother never wants to hear. Crying, screaming, pain, "no", "mine", well you get the drift. On Sunday night Bobby and Gail, Noel's mother and step-father, came over for dinner and to hang out with the "safari."

We ate dinner and played with their dog. Well they watched the dog and made sure that they were attached to an adult for protection. After playing really hard the "safari" went and took a bath with the assistance of Noel and Gail, while I cleaned the kitchen. I heard a lot of noises upstairs but nothing unusual.

I heard prayers and then Noel come down the stairs and the words that came out of his mouth where, "Honey do not get freaked out." Now that is not something that I want to hear especially when it comes to my "safari." So I come out of the kitchen to this site.

I was horrified. I have never seen a bump on a head that big. I was grateful that the bump was on the outside and not on the inside, but I was still worried. Esther stayed up with us for another hour to make sure that she was going to be okay, and the bump did go down a lot in that hour. Now Esther just has a bruise that her hair hides. I know that my "safari" are going to get hurt because I have so many and they are pretty rough with each other as it is. It still hurts a mother's heart when her children get hurt no matter how small or big. I am preparing myself because we are not even to the climbing trees part. Have a nice day.


cheryl said...

OUCH! Glad she's okay. Poor babe.

Mira said...

That is a big bump! The first time for every sickness of injury is the worst. Then you know what to expect the next time though and you can be calmer and cooler about it. Parenting is such a learning experience! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Trish said...

Oh, my beautiful baby granddaughter. I have never seen a bump that big. I am so glad she is doing fine. My heart hurt to see the picture, I can imagine what you felt Jennifer seeing it for real. Well, we know our children will get hurt but I pray that none of them ever get seriously hurt. May God protect my grandchildren. I love them all. Nanna

Lani said...

Oh my, that's a big bump! Glad it went down quickly!

Jen said...

One of my kids got a bump like that once. you are right, just the first of many. Poor little guy. I hope he is better by now.