Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please Vote!

That day has come where if you read my blog I ask you to do something for me. I have been reading a blog that is calls "how do you do it?" or HDYDI. Well the ladies that write for that blog are looking for some help with writing and they have set up a competition for everyone that was interested. So here is my plea, I would like you to go to the web page, read the blogs or don't read the blogs that is up to you, just VOTE. Then get your friends to read and vote. I think you can vote until Sunday so get everyone you know to vote and check out my blog if they have not. Thank you in advance. Yes I even mean the ladies from Garza county that check my blog every day, I love you ladies. Now go and VOTE!


BoufMom9 said...

Hi! I saw your post over at HDYDI. (I am also entered in the contest)
Great post there and what a gorgeous family you have!
I love your writing style, esp since you seem to really be enjoying your full life.
I wasn't sure if I was supposed to vote for other people as well, but I voted for you ;)
I will definitely be back to keep up with your family.

Rachael said...

your article is wonderful!