Sunday, July 12, 2009

Water! The Good, the Bad and the Dirty!

Wednesday was a good day for me. Noel called me and told me that he was going to be home an entire day early. I was excited and looking forward to spending time with him in the middle of the week.

On Thursday morning Noel and I walked downstairs to find that our kitchen and pantry was flooded. We moved into action, Noel grabbed his Shop Vac and I grabbed my steam vac to start sucking up the water. I had to remove all the items that were on the floor in my pantry. I was just glad that our "safari" was not up. I called to say that I could not watch Colton and then I called my mother to ask her to come and help me with cleaning. Noel went to Lowe's and rented a "snake" for the pipes that was 50ft long. He "snaked" the line a couple times and then had to go to work because this is the busy part of the season and needed to be in the office.

So I blocked up the kitchen so that my "safari" could not get into the kitchen. We had breakfast in the play room and then I took them to McDonald's for lunch. When the "safari" went to lunch my mother and I went into high gear so that we could clean the floor. We went through the items that were on the floor, pulled the washing machine, dryer out to clean the floor and then sanitized the floor. Cleaned up the kitchen and then got the "safari" up from nap time.

When Noel got home we put some liquid plumber down the drain and "snaked" it a few more times. We also called our insurance agency and was told to get in contact with a "drying" team. They came by the house and told us that it would cost us $1700 to dry our house/walls. Noel and I do not have $1700 so Noel asked us what we needed to do. Noel had to take all the base boards off, toe kicks off and drill holes in the walls where the base boards were. Also we had to pull the carpet back and cut the pad that was wet. The next morning the dishwasher was ran and it did well. I then tried the washing machine and found out that our plumbing problem was not fixed.

Noel called his mother to see if she remembered the plumber that she used. Noel called the guy but the guy never called us. On Saturday I was at my parent's to cook for the month. On Sunday we went to church and then Noel went to rent the "snake" again but the rental place was closed at Lowe's so he went the other place. The "snake" that he rented was 75 ft long. We found the clog and cleared it. yeah.

I started our washing machine to clean the inside, well the washing machine was not cleared of the soap from the load that I had to stop so that the water would quit flowing onto my floor. So the machine filled with soap suds. I had to suck the soap suds out of the washing machine. Noel and I have come to the conclusion that we hate WATER.

In the last couple of months we have had some interesting things happen with water. The first thing was that the line from our old shower was capped and the cap did not work and started to pour water into our wall. We fixed that and replaced the cap. Then there were a few seams in our shower that were not sealed and had water dripping out and we had to find that our by trial and error. We cut a hole in our ceiling and in our bedroom to find the leak. And hopefully the final water that we will experience for a while was my flooded kitchen.

Now we are looking at our options for replacement for our floors. With living on one income we have to be wise with our money and decisions. It would be easy to got out and spend money instead of looking at our options and praying to see what God wants us to do. Please pray that we are wise with our decisions. Thank you for all your concern and for all the calls. Our house is not back to "normal" status but we will live with the status that we have right now and make decisions after Noel is done with travel season.


cheryl said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading that! I'm so thankful that you finally found the clog and we will be praying for wisdom as you make flooring decisions and such.
Hoping this week is much less eventful.

Trish said...

Dad and I will also be praying for God's guidance. I am so thankful that you and Noel understand that God is interested in every area of our life and He wants us to consult Him on everything. I am also so glad you understand about money. Even when we think or know we need something, if we also know we can't afford it we wait on God and the time when we will have the money. If more people would live like that, they would have less worries about money and their money problems would not rule them. Keep on praying and seeking the Lord is all you do with regards to every area of your life. We love you all very much. Love Mom

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Wow, you had your hands full. I enjoyed reading your blog.