Monday, April 19, 2010

How do you spell that?

Our family went to San Antonio this weekend to spend Pop's birthday with him. On Saturday when we were coming home I told Noel and I wanted Freebirds for dinner. Now if you do not know what Freebirds is I am sorry; you need to visit one soon. It was raining really hard and so he took his smartphone out and listed everything that he wanted on his burrito.

So I am reading what he wants and I get to this word. "Pico de Guy'o" I had to laugh. As soon as I started laughing Noel said, "I do not know how to spell that word so why not make the spelling funny."

For all of you out there that do not know how to spell that word this is how you spell it, even though the other spelling is funnier.


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Trish said...

I always have a hard time spelling that word. I always have to look it up online or in a dictionary. I wonder if people even use a dictionary these days or just go online? Love Mom