Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Park

A couple of weeks ago our Adult Community, Sunday School Class, had a picnic time at a local park in Austin. We decided that we would take the "safari" because it was after nap time and the day was beautiful.

We loaded the "safari", made sure that we had liquids, sunscreen, hats, a blanket and snacks. The "safari" had a blast; they are at the age where they can enjoy places we go a lot more and it is less stressful on Noel and I to do outings. Also there were lots of kids at the park so we did not get so many questions from people.

Elijah decided that he wanted to try the monkey bars which meant that everyone else wanted to do it. Noel helped them through the process and I think that they are in love with those things. Also there was a type of zip line at the park. Noel would get the "safari" on the zip line and then push them and they would hang and hold on. The "safari" must have done that at least 50 times.

You will see in the pictures that Hannah has no fear like her siblings. She is climbing up ladders that curve like a pro. Enjoy the pictures.

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