Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Worms anyone?

Lately I have been looking into composting because we are starting to get serious with gardening and why not use our "trash" to help our plants grow. As I did my research there was a huge spectrum to choose from.

So I was reading and in an article they stated that kids seem to like the worm composter and it takes less time because the worms do all the work. Of course with 5 toddlers I knew that worms would be a great first pet. A pet that I feed scraps to, I do not have to walk, clean up after, and that does not live in my house. Also would be great bait for the "safari" when they go fishing. You see they reproduce like crazy. I start with about 400 worms and in 6 months I will have over 40,000.

I found a wonderful webpage and that a great product. They are called Worm Wranglers.; I thought that the name was great. So we received our composter and then about a week later the worms came in the mail. Elijah thought it was great that the worms came from the mailman. Here is a pictures of our worms.

So if you have a garden and are looking at composting, check it out.

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cheryl said...

so cool. what a great idea!