Friday, April 16, 2010

Milking What?

I have a funny story that will make you all laugh even though some of you will not admit that you laughed.

The "safari" is interested in potty training more and more, because I use candy and peer pressure. You see if someone uses the potty they get candy and the others watch that person eat candy. Joshua was on that train very fast and Jacob jumped on when he realized that going potty was really not that hard.

Jacob decided that he could do whatever Elijah and Joshua were doing. Also Jacob has been watching Elijah go potty for almost 9 months now. So Jacob gets on the potty and decides that his penis needs some help so he grabs it like he has seen Elijah do a thousand times. Except that Jacob was not watching for technique because Jacob decided that he could "milk" his pee out. My mother was in town for a conference and she saw it and called me over. I had a good laugh and I knew that I had to share. Milk anyone?

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Trish said...

This was a funny moment. I did not think you were really going to blog about it, but here it is. Having children is such a riot sometimes. Love it.