Friday, April 23, 2010

A new gadget!!!!

Noel and I are doing some renovations to our house. You will see lots of pictures when we are done with everything. New paint, scraped the ceilings, ceiling fans, updated lights, new carpet, and some tile. One thing that we were not going to do was get a new garbage disposer. The other day our decided that it was done and did not want to work anymore.

We went to Lowe's and looked at garbage disposers, Noel found one that does not work unless the plug is in and it is also quiet. We special ordered it and it came in on Thursday of last week. On Sunday night Noel installed the garbage disposer. I had not idea how small our other disposer was until we pulled out the the Insinkerator.

Here is a picture of the old disposer.

Our old disposer was a GE and it was a 1/3 Horsepower. Also it was really loud.

Here is a picture of the new one.

This one is 3/4 Horsepower. It is 60% quieter than other disposer. It has two grind stages and can even grind bones. We tried the disposer the other night and it is quieter than my really quiet dishwasher. As a gadget person I am totally excited. Also there is safety feature, you have to put a cap on the disposer and turn it before it turns on. This is great for the 5 toddlers that I have that want to investigate everything and try everything.

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Trish said...

I was amazed at how quiet your new garbage disposer was. It is so much better than your old one. We have a septic tank and a garbage disposer is not recommended. If you need one, ask Jenni-Mae about this one. Mom