Saturday, September 27, 2008

15 Month Check-up

Noel and I took the triplets for their 15 month check-up. I actually had questions for the pediatrician this time, she was thrilled.

Jacob: 31" tall, 22 lbs
Joshua: 31" tall, 23lbs
Esther: 29" tall, 19lbs

Jacob and Joshua had hearing tests to make sure that we did not need tubes in our ears. They like to do a hearing test instead of just looking at the ears. My boys did outstanding, usually they have to try several times because you have to sit still for the hearing test to work. My boys got it on the first try.

Esther needs more vitamin D in her body, so needs another serving of milk and more cheese. That is no problem. She is actually 5 times her weight from when she was born, so she is growing very well.

They had to get three shots, one of them being the flu shot. The triplets where at the doctor's office for almost two hours and did fantastic. I love my children and thank God every day that we have well mannered and tempered kids.

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Cheng family said...

I'm so glad that the 15 month checkups went well. 2 hours is a long time for any kid to be at the doctor's office!