Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hensley Grandparents

Bobby and Gail came over tonight to play with the children. Now the pictures are of Bobby giving chocolate to Elijah. You see Bobby has been doing this since Elijah was old enough to realize that when Bobby comes over that means that there are treats. So when Bobby walks into our house Elijah gets all excited and could care less who else was in the house. This is what happened at my brother's wedding. Elijah was the ring bearer and he walked down the aisle until he say Bobby who had been feeding him M&M's not even 20 minutes earlier. So Elijah made it all the way down the aisle but not to my brother.

Gail, Noel's mother, brought Elijah this cookie dough bucket because Elijah has always loved to put them on his head and run around the house. My only problem is that Gail brought the container but NO cookies. She promises to bring some cookies next time though. Elijah loves to run around the playroom like he is the warrior of universe with the cookie dough bucket on his head.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the evening. Bobby, Noel's step-father, and Joshua having a laugh. Two bald guys having a good old time. Who said you need to have hair to enough life. =)

Isn't funny how our parents have changed when we give them grandchildren? I mean all the rules that we had growing up have all changed or gotten a lot softer with our children. There are a lot more treats and extra goodies and a lot less of a strict schedule of eating times. I guess they have brought their children up and made sure that they turned out okay and now it is play time for them just like it is play time our children. So it works out, if you have children and after they grow up. If you did something right then you get grandchildren and that is when the playing with no hard consequences begins. yeah now we only have to wait hopefully for 20 years or so.

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Kim Williamson said...

What about Pops...the Wilcoxson grandparent?
Love the blog - it's nice to see the kids grow anytime I want. Nice job guys!