Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Counting Game

Have you ever thought about the numbers that goes into raising infants/toddlers. Well I have and this is the numbers that Noel and I have come up with. Please hold your laughs until the end.

***Noel and I have changed over 10850 diapers, so far. We still have at least another year and a half to go with that.

***We have bought over 214 huge cans of formula and have 10 more months of that. Which will bring the total to around 250 cans.

***I cut 100 fingernails and toenails on a weekly basis and that does not count my own.

***We have done more laundry then I ever want to count, but this is the number that we came up with that is really close. We have done more than 647 loads of laundry that is just the children's laundry.

***We have made over 8000 bottles for the children and are still going with Hannah for another 10 months. That does not count the one bottle that the triplets still get at the end of the day with their vitamins.

***We have given around 730 baths so far and we have a long ways to go to be done with that.

Noel and I are looking forward to when the children can dress and bathe themselves. Not to mention when chores are given to them. So when we get to that stage and you need some work done at your house we will out-source our children to ensure they get enough work.

On a side note we would like to thank Marti for coming to our house and taking pictures of our family. We had fun and it was an experience. The picture at the top was taken by her.


Noel said...

I have another special number... 2. It is an incredibly smaller number than the rest of them, but it is very near and dear to me. I have only taken 2 successful shots to the groin with all those kids crawling on me. There have been countless attempts, but only 2 perfect strikes that sent me to my knees.

Cheng family said...

Marti did a great job - the 2 pictures posted turned out great!
I love the numbers - some of them are so large that it is hard to fathom. Like how many diapers you've changed. WOW.