Monday, September 15, 2008

Hannah at 2 Months

Hannah had her two month check-up today. The picture is how my daughter looked after having to get stuck FIVE times. Now they use to combine the vaccines because that meant that there were less times you had to stick the infant. Well now they do not offer that because a SMALL percentage of parents are limiting the number of vaccines they want their children to have. I guess to each his/her own.

Hannah weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces. That is only 6 pounds smaller than Esther. So you know the pediatrician asks you a lot of questions about feeding, sleeping, habits, and developmental questions. Well at the end my pediatrician goes you have the "Wilcoxson guarantee" Apparently in the office if there is a mellow, well balanced child that is the phrase they give them. So she asks me if I have any questions and I state that I do not. She looked disappointed and asked me to at least come to the office with one question so that she can feel like she is doing something for me and my family.

Being on our fifth child does not lead to too many questions about this stage, but I told her I would think really hard for next week when she sees the triplets. Yes this month has been fantastic with ALL the children having to go to the doctor.


cheryl said...

Poor Hannah!
That's too funny what the pedi had to say! :o)
Cute family header pic!

Wilcoxson said...

Marti took that picture.thank you marti