Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ready for Austin

Noel decided that he was going to start to ride his bike again to get into shape, since we are done having babies. That means there is no more sympathy weight. So he rode his bike to work today, which is around 26 miles round trip. When he returned Elijah was totally excited about the helmet that Noel was wearing.

Noel and Elijah decided to go to the mailbox and Elijah could not leave without his hat. Well the hat that he wanted was the sweaty, nasty helmet. So he walked to the mailbox and back with this helmet. I think that he is ready for Austin if only he could reach the pedals on his bike. Oh, well Elijah has to wait a little while longer before he can go on adventures with daddy.


cheryl said...

Y'all could still do the family bike ride thing, even before they're big enough to ride themselves. Get two of those double bike trailers, and a seat to go on the front/back of one of your bikes and your set! :o) That way it's extra strength training for y'all too! :o)
We got an almost new Schwinn at a garage sale for $25.

Cheng family said...

Helmets are definitely a must for checking the mail. That's really sweet. I guess you could be grateful that Elijah didn't want to wear Noel's sweaty gloves too.